The research of Stockholm Univ. (PI Prof. Lennart Bergström) aims to gain a better understanding of the molecular or mesoscopic assembly mechanisms and structure-property relations of hybrid materials based on renewable and Earth-abundant raw materials. The group is part of the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry (MMK) ( at Stockholm University and has full access to infrastructure for the synthesis and characterisation of nanostructured and hybrid materials including TEM (including electron diffraction and tomography), SEM, FIB/SEM, X-ray diffraction, DLS, electrophoretic mobility, rheology, FTIR and Raman spectroscopy, and PPMS. The group is also a member of the Wallenberg Wood Science Center, WWSC, and a frequent user of large facilities, including Max IV, and develop cell-environments and design in-situ experiments, e.g. in-situ SAXS studies. P3 will develop formulations for functionalization and impregnation of foams and networks of the delignified wood.

Prof. Dr. Lennart Bergström

Stockholm University

"Project Strong Composite is supported under the umbrella of ERA-NET Cofound ForestValue by Innosuisse, AKA, Business Finland, Vinnova, BMLFUW. ForestValue has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement N° 773324."

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